Is it difficult for you to compete?

Is it difficult to compete

Is it difficult for you to compete?

As a business, you might appear as David to some and Goliath to some of your competitors. But to emerge as a winner every time, you need to have adequate tools and armor. So who are you? Are you Goliath or David? And what are the strengths that you are going to use against your competitor?

Business is in many ways is a war where the causalities are time, money and pride. To ensure success in this war, it is more than necessary to have adequate tools to fight.

You might find thousands of competitors emerging from everywhere. With the world becoming a global market, your competitor might be someone in other parts of the world having power to undercut your margin and take away a huge business. There will be no point in blaming the competitors in the later stage as they will be equally hungry for success. The question is what are you going to do about handing the competitors? The answer will not be simple in most of the cases. No war is won with one additional soldier. No war can be won with one additional weapon. When a lot of soldiers and weapons are built over the time, we will become formidable and powerful.

It is these weapons created during the time of peace that will help as handy slings during tough times. They will act as armor and help to sustain the existing market. These weapons created over the time will not only ensure your survival through tough economic times, it will help you emerge as a successful business in the long run.

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